Ling heather

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Ling heather : Calluna Vulgaris

Plant : Ling heather produces blankets of purple moorland across large areas of rural Northumberland, in early autumn, particularly in the cheviot hills.  It is an evergreen, low lying shrub, growing up to 50 cm high.  The stems are branched and have small leaves, which branch in pairs on either side of the stem.  Its habitat is mainly in acidic soils and peat, particularly on moorland, bogs and woodland.

Flower : The flowers are very small.  Each flower is only 3 to 10 mm long, has 4 petals and eight stamens.

Pollen : The pollen load of ling heather is brown.  The grain is a very distinctive tetrad shape, made up of four interlocking grains.  It is 48 um long. There are three furrow and pore type apertures.  The surface is slightly pitted and the exine is thin.

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