Simple queen rearing for small scale beekeepers

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Saturday 11th May 2019 : 10:00-15:30 & Sunday 19th May 2019 : 10:00-12:30

To book one of the 8 places on this queen rearing workshop, visit our Eventbrite page by clicking here.

The two-part workshop will be based at Netherwitton Village hall and will cover two methods of raising queens.

  • The Hopkins method – a simple approach, without grafting
  • The Queen Right method – including learning how to graft larvae

Part 1 – Saturday 11th May 10:00-15:30

During this full day session, we will start by looking at the timelines and techniques for the two methods. We will carryout some practical exercises on grafting and setting up of equipment, before moving into the apiary in the afternoon to get practical experience of setting up hives for queen rearing.  A light lunch will be provided.

Part 2 – Sunday 19 May 10:00-12:30

During this half day session, we will revisit the apiary and look at the results of our previous workshop. This will involve practical experience of transferring queen cells into nuc boxes and apideas, before returning to discuss the management of mating nucs. Tea & coffee and cake will be provided.

This course would suit beekeepers, with some experience, who would like the confidence to start queen rearing in their own apiary, in a small informal and friendly group.

To book one of the 8 places on this queen rearing workshop, visit our Eventbrite page by clicking here.

See our upcoming events page for other courses and workshops.

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    1. Hi Barney
      I will be seeing how this ones goes and maybe do a one day version later in the season.
      The best way to make sure you get to know about any new events is to register on my blog.
      I send out to everyone who is registered first and then go out to local association facebook pages a few days later.
      Thanks for your interest in my events.
      Kind Regards

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